han west

görlitzer straße 69

Get transported into the doughy world of dumplings in Berlin, this mouthwatering and filling dish is our signature at han west since it was what we launched with. The first recipe that we tried out at han west was an old one handed down by my mother and we have succeeded in making it one of the recurring menu- the pork and chives dumplings.

Since our aim is to ensure that we make provisions for people with different choices- we learned that we would love to create a distinct type of dumpling that would be our signature and cant’s be found anywhere else.


Vegan Box

dandan & seitan + lemongrass shiitake dumplings, fu bao fries with aioli + peanut sauce and peanut coleslaw

Veggie Box

halloumi lemongrass + dan dan & seitan dumplings, shiitake bao fries with aioli + peanut sauce and peanut coleslaw

Meat Box

pork & chives + thai & chicken dumplings, pork belly bao fries with aioli + peanut sauce and peanut coleslaw


32 dumplings, 4 bao buns, 2 fries & 2 peanut coleslaw all sauces


8 pieces, steamed & pan fried served with soy sauce + 1 sauce of choice

Pork & Chives

pork, chives, carrots, cabbage, hoisin

Thai Chicken & Herbs

chicken, thai basil, red cabbage, carrots

Halloumi Lemongrass

halloumi, lemongrass, tofu, chickpea, broccoli, dough with carrot juice

Seitan & Chives

seitan, chives, carrots, cabbage, dandan sauce

Lemongrass Shiitake

homemade seitan, lemongrass, shiitake, mushroom, carrot, dough with spinach juice

What is an Asian cuisine without baos? We started experimenting with other kinds of food since the aim is to bring Asia to the west. In our search for other cuisines that have an impact on the Asian culture and one that would make a very good statement on our values as a company looking to bridge the gap, we settled for gua baos, a cuisine that is popular in Taiwan.

Popularly referred to as pork belly buns or just bao, gua bao is a mixture of stewed beef and other ingredients stuffed into flat lotus leaf bread. Our current menu of gua bao is the pork belly bao, fu bao, and shiitake bao, each of them made for meat lovers, vegans, and vegetarians respectively. 

bao buns

Pork Belly Bao

pork belly, hoisin, coleslaw, coriander, peanut

Fried Szechuan Chicken Bao

szechuan pepper marinated chicken, szechuan pepper and chili oil infused aioli, coleslaw, coriander

Fu Bao

crunchy tofu, hoisin, coleslaw, coriander, peanut

Shiitake Bao

crunchy shiitake, sesame aioli, korean bbq, coleslaw, coriander, peanut



with aioli + korean bbq or aioli + peanut sauce


homemade sauces

Spicy Korean BBQ


Peanut Sauce




Sesame Aioli




Chili Oil